According to linguistic sources “casino refers to devil friend”.  The origin of the casino has been found in ancient Italian word “casa”, which refers to the place, hall, or social bub where various kind of amusing and pleasurable activity. Casino accommodates various type of gambling and the industry is called as the gaming industry. If we talk about the famous casino spot of the world then some city like Las Vegas,  Atlantic City,Bangkok, Reno, Singapore, Monte Carlo, Aruba, San Juan,Macao, etc are on the top of the world. Casino, are generally constructed near the place which attracts people most important,tourist.For example in Bangkok, most of the casino is in hotels, retail shopping, restaurant, cruise ship etc. Gambling is basically the game of chance that means it is uncertain about the result. Apart from thissome casino are famous for other activity not for gambling, they are Catalina casinoand Hankocasino. In the world of internet there is an amazing option for the gambling lover, if a person willing to feel the thrill of gambling without visiting casino spot, online gambling is made for them.


Casino historyis a myth

There is not an appropriated proof that when and where gambling had started because almost all the civilization had gambling in their history but in some civilization, it was shown as a bad game which has destroyed a family and many more. The risotto was the first gambling house at that time this kind of social hub is not known as casino, it was the first gambling house according to record and was found in  Venice. In carnival season, Ridotto used to provide a controlled form of gambling. In order to deprive the gentry among local people, the government had approved to banned the gambling spot in mid-1774. Today America comes under top ten gambling haven of the world but before 1931  the gambling was even not legalizedthere.

Facts about Gambling in a casino

If the dg casino is allowed in any country then most jurisdiction permit the person to play in the casino who is above  16 to 21 year. Before playing gambling, one should know the basics of video poker, roulette, Crap, baccarat, and blackjack. Well, the slot used during gambling is mathematically calculated which brings an advantage for a gambling house. Actually, the thing is the calculation is expressed in expected negative value in the terms of player which is known as “House edge”. In a casino game, the rake is a commission which is an advantage to the house, when two player play against each other. Also in casino game comps is a gift which is given to the player during gambling. The payout is the percentage of fund returned to the player. The slot machine is the most popular game which is being played all over the world. The slot machine is also known as  Video Lottery Machine.


So Casino is the house of different type of gambling activity, the house accommodates different kind gambling games which attract a person with its decor and fantasy. Of course, the casino is the game of chance but not only the lucky person wins the game but also with great strategy and Prudence one can win.

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